Julie’s Life Update

May 31, 2007

After my last(first) blog, Greg and I took Juliana on her first camping trip. We spent a week camping in Gettysburg, PA. Julie had a blast, she loves being outside! On the drive down, Juliana began saying, “mama,” and then, “baba.” She had said, “mama” before, but only a few times while crying. Since that car trip, she’s saying all kinds of consonants paired with a; mama, baba, rara, fafa, wawa, etc. I thought that was too cute, and then she began crawling on our last day in Gettysburg.

Crawling is the best!! Julie is a new kind of gal now. It amazes me that it takes babies so long to figure out how to crawl, but the same day that they do, they can speed crawl. She was already able to pull herself to standing, so now that she can crawl, she can get anywhere she wants and then reach just about anything she sees. We spent our week home from vacation baby-proofing our home; aka: cleaning/rearranging. It wasn’t enough; she’s figured out the cabinets this week, so I need to buy all those baby-fooling plastic gadgets to keep her safe from her curiosity.

Juliana is no longer a mysterious little baby; she’s got a mind of her own, so full of personality. She is so expressive; it’s very clear what she’s thinking. If I tell her, “no” she’ll either stop and make a face as if to say, “oops” OR she’ll reach again while watching me as if to say, “what are you gonna do about it?” She grows smarter every day, it’s so much fun to watch. She likes to share everything, except her blanket; if Juliana sees someone holding her blanket, she will stop what she’s doing (this includes even nursing), crawl over to them, snatch her blanket away and resume her business. Hehehe. Too funny.

Juliana eats all her fruits and veggies now; with all her activity, she’s not so picky anymore, just hungry. If she’s not crawling, she’s walking around by holding on to walls or jumping. She’s also more content to sit and play on the floor now that she knows she can move if/when she wants to. Prior to crawling, she was going through a phase where she would cry if I put her on the ground to play. She was sleeping a good 12 hrs. at night, but since she began crawling this has ceased. We’re back to working on just getting her to sleep through the night.

Juliana’s most recent milestone is clapping; she just began clapping on Memorial Day. It’s, of course, adorable! She’s just growing/advancing so quickly! She’s such a wild little spunk! I’ll send out the April and May albums soon; you can see from the pictures how crazy-fun she is!

Love to you all!


Mostly Juliana

May 7, 2007

We’re all her’s. Julie’s. Before I tell you how Julie is, let me tell you how I am. I cannot even think of a word to describe how wonderful I am. I use the word amazing too much, so when I really need to use it, the fullness of the word is lacking. I thought married life was fantastic, well being married to Greg anyhow; but add Juju-Baby to the mix and it exceeds what should be allowed. It used to seem that happiness was rationed, but our happiness far exceeds the typical meter. I haven’t quite explored all my options with wordpress, but once I do, I’ll post here a picture of a little girl with eyes brighter than sunshine and a smile that contains the purest and fullest kind of joy. Open as wide as can be, tongue pressed very firmly against the roof of her mouth. That smile is directed towards me more times a day than I can count. Of course I’m happy, how could I not be when such love is shown to me?